Mobility Assistance

N.R., a Preble Senior Citizen from West Alexandria approached us at the Preble County Expo two years ago about getting help with a handicapped modification to her home. N.R. was mobile most of the time with the use of either a cane or walker, depending on how she felt each day. N.R.’s home had four steps leading up to her front door.

On days that N.R. had to use her walker, or if she had items to carry into the house, she literally had to sit on the steps raising up to the next step dragging her items behind her. Not only was this getting more difficult she lived on a main street in the village and was embarrassed. The HIT Foundation, through use of the Ohio Development Services Emergency Home Repair grant, was able to install a permanent ramp at her residence.

This year at the Preble County Expo N.R. stopped by again but this time to say, “Thank you!”

“Thank you! I am so grateful for your help and happy with my new ramp!”