Homeless Shelter

The HIT Foundation began offering Homeless Services for Preble County residents in March, 2015. In October, 2015 the Foundation opened its Homeless Services Shelter. The Shelter serves as a temporary housing facility for homeless clients in Preble County.

Clients meet regularly with shelter staff and a case manager to work toward their housing needs. They are expected to meet weekly goals focusing on housing, in order to obtain housing with 30-45 days. Clients are also expected to follow a daily schedule and must agree to adhere to shelter rules.

Your Community’s Homeless Shelter

  • Staffed 24/7
  • Basic needs provided: 3 meals a day, showers, laundry facility, basic transportation
  • Case management to establish income, locate and secure housing, and provide referrals to supportive services
  • Separate men and women dorm areas to accommodate¬†10 clients. Common areas, warming kitchen, and a resource area with computer and phone accessibility provided.
  • Equipped with security cameras, alarm doors and emergency fire security systems.