Homeless Services

Homeless Shelter

The HIT Foundation began offering Homeless Services for Preble County residents in March, 2015. In October, 2015 the Foundation opened its Homeless Services Shelter. The Shelter serves as a temporary housing facility for homeless clients in Preble County.

Clients meet regularly with shelter staff and a case manager to work toward their housing needs. They are expected to meet weekly goals focusing on housing, in order to obtain housing with 30-45 days. Clients are also expected to follow a daily schedule and must agree to adhere to shelter rules.

Cold Shelter

The Cold Shelter may be available from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. when the temperature/wind chill is forecasted to be 20 degrees or below. The shelter may be available when the temperature/wind chill is 21-32 degrees, provided there is a need and available volunteers.

Guests will be provided dinner and breakfast along with a bedroll/cot and hygiene products. When they leave in the morning they will also receive a bag lunch.

Call the HIT Foundation at (937) 472-0500 or (937) 733-4305 to reserve a bed.

Transitional Housing

The HIT Foundation’s Transitional Housing Program (THP) provides five units of temporary housing to eligible households in shelter. The program assists veterans, families, victims of domestic violence and more.

It is our goal for THP participants to move into permanent housing within six months.

By implementing the Housing First principles, the HIT Foundation’s THP is designed to stabilize the household’s current housing crisis, meet them where they are in their homeless journey, identify strategies to overcome barriers, and provide support services, such as intensive case management, transportation, advocacy, education (including life skills and financial management), housing location, and service coordination.