Donate A Meal (Or Two)

The Homeless Shelter provides three meals a day for its clients. We rely on community members, churches, and other organizations to prepare the evening meal. The meal must be large enough to adequately feed 10 adults.

To learn how to participate in this much-appreciated service, contact Ginger Roth (472-0500 ext. 408), email, or sign up here.

Donate Time

Senior Home Repair Program
The HIT Foundation needs volunteers to assist with Senior Home Repair projects. This is an excellent project for community organizations, church groups and Boys/Girls Scout. Regardless of skill level, we have projects you can do.

To request additional information, contact Ginger Roth (472-0500 ext. 408) or email her here.

Cold Shelter
During the fall and winter, the HIT Foundation also needs volunteers to assist with the cold shelter. The Shelter is open on nights when the temperature and/or wind chill is 20 degrees or below.

To request additional information, contact Toni Morgan (472-0500 ext. 405), email her here or sign up.

Donate Clothing

During the fall and winter season, we supply some of the Cold Shelter guests with additional clothing as needed to stay warm. Throughout the year we also supply Homeless Shelter guests with clothes as needed. We can always use the following:

  • Underclothes, socks, T-Shirts
  • Gloves, hats, scarves
  • Sweat pants, shirts
  • Back packs, duffel bags
  • Coats
Donate Clothing
Donate Money

Donate Money

We understand some are simply too busy to help with meals, clothing or projects. However, if you would still like to help the Foundation, you can donate money with the link below. All funds are used to provide services for our clients.

Thank you for helping to make Preble County a great place to live.